2019 Youth Video Contest Winners

1st Place Decisions

Nish Joshi & Tatiana Nippi – Maples Collegiate

2nd Place Gambling Eats Your Money

Jacob Markham, Meghan Rempel, Bennett Sidloski & Etienne Loney – Miles MacDonnell Collegiate

3rd Place WhatYouthNeedtoKnow

Ismael Lopez, Ben Dzikowicz & Tristan Davies – Vincent Massey Collegiate (Winnipeg)

3rd Place The Effects of Marijuana

Eunice Austria – Carman Collegiate

Most Likes Decisions

Nish Joshi & Tatiana Nippi – Maples Collegiate


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Life is not just a game - AFM film contest Entry

Life is not just a game.

In life each person is delt a different hand, but it’s up to you and how you play it.
There are healthy alternatives to substance abuse and gambling such as playing recreational sport, participating in school actives or simply volounteering in your community!
When you choose to use your not just playing a simple game,
You are shuffling into a void of addiction and substance abuse with uncertain choices and risking an unstable future with family, friends, health and happiness

Hardships in life may affect your but don’t let them define you.
It’s a sign of strength not weakness to ask for help. When you or a loved one is affected by a substance abuse or gambling talk to someone.

Manitoba addiction foundation programs are designed to help you look at your alcohol, drugs or gambling involvement to see if your life is being affected in a negative way . you’ll have an opportunity to meet with counsellors who understand issues and the potential effects on young peoples lives due to addictions.

Next time when you play the game make sure you follow the right rules know the risks and stay alert to stay alive.

A message from a fellow teenager

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