Looking for ideas?

Here are some examples of topics your video could cover on
#WhatYouthNeedToKnow about alcohol use.


Making healthy choices

  • Healthy alternatives to alcohol use
  • How can setting goals around things like sports, school and volunteering help you to make healthy choices
  • Keeping balance in your life
  • Resisting peer pressure to use substances or gamble

Knowing the risks

  • What are the risks for youth with alcohol use
  • Risks of driving when under the influence
  • Dangers of alcohol use
  • The dangers of not knowing what you’re drinking
  • Facts about alcohol use
  • Risks of alcohol use and Mental Health

Staying safe

  • What is Harm Reduction?
  • How to stay safe at parties where there might be alcohol use
  • How to reduce harms associated with alcohol use and stay safe

Getting help

  • How to help a friend who has a problem with alcohol use
  • Where youth can turn to for help when alcohol use has gone too far
  • People youth can talk to
  • How do I know when my alcohol use has gone too far
  • Signs of an alcohol use problem
  • What you can do if affected by a family member’s alcohol use
  • When times get tough, talking (to an AFM counsellor) can help
  • Youth Should Know what AFM Youth Services can do for them
  • How AFM can help

Public perceptions

  • Unhealthy messages in the media about alcohol use
  • Stigma around problematic alcohol use and how we can turn that around – it is a sign of strength, not weakness to ask for help